Jump Mat Pro

Jump to New Heights with our revolutionary JumpMat performance analysis equipment.

  • Every athlete and sports person wants to know that they are getting stronger, faster and more powerful.
  • Every coach wants to ensure that their training programmes are directly benefiting every member on the team.

JumpMat is an accurate measuring device for assessing lower body muscle power - the most sought after characteristic of physical fitness. The unit can be used to assess lower body power in single and repetitive squat jumps and counter movement jumps. Whether you're using the JumpMat to measure and moderate athlete performance, recover from injuries, or talent ID - JumpMat will effectively take the guess work out of training!

JumpMat has proven its contribution at every level of sport. Used by Champions, affordable to all.



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Measure and maximise performance

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Identify Talent to ensure you recruit the best athletes.


Recovery from injury quickly to ensure your athletes remain at their best.